It will get a bit colder

You feel it.

You have to be honest now this summer is finally gone, it wasn’t a good hot summer anyway. Yeah, we had some records that weren’t records at all, but they are those people will remember.

Not the cold spring, when it only was warmer to begin with half of june.

And certainly not the weakest summer in years with almost everyday temperatures colder then normal.

I saw an explanation by Dr. Valentina Zharkova, professor in Great Britain. The next three sun cycles will be colder. How much she can not say, because she is a real scientist without political program. The first 11 years cycle will get colder. Time to make preparations for the big one. Build nuclear energy reactors as much as possible, built greenhouses, make big depots with fuel and gas. Because we gonna need them to survive.

And then the big one will come, the second cycle, with a temperature drop of at least .8°C. It doesn’t seem much, but it’s a different world to what we know nowadays. Be prepared.

Those who will not be prepared will starve, world populations will no longer be in the possibility to feed itself as it was in the decades behind us.

And then we, the ones that still alive wil get the last one. Impossible to tell if it will be a bit warmer or not. Sun will stop this in the year of 2053. A new world for those who survived. Possible a whole new world where life will be better, with less wars, less lies, a world where everybody everywhere can live a life.

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