Corona, just beer.

A world wide panic caused by media. The bastards like to do a detailed enquiry, everyday, about how much people are dying. Oh the monsters do like to report from Italy, from Spain. Just blood money, that’s all what counts for the gangsters.

A normal flu gives a worldwide death toll of about 250 to 500 thousands.

And now we have, after three weeks of mass hysteria just something around 22.300 people who died. Most as not all of them are sick from other diseases and should probably have died within 2 months.

And the rest, billiards of men, women and children are in a pure political lockdown. Causing a country to go in big dept. That’s is not something a healthy person can understand.

You don’t believe me, this was news on march 27 2020:

World population
39% in lockdown
22.342 dead

That’s all.

Billions of people held in panic We may put those politicians in prison for all this foolishness. And then the thing about Italy:

I really do not understand this. Are people around the globe going nuts? Or is everybody just dumb?

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