Dead toll

Every year, worldwide , people die of old age, accident, disease and bad habits. And the amount of those who die in a civilised environment is still about 1%. Which means, on every million, 10.000 die per year.

And then we have viruses. On the one hand they raise the death toll to another 1.000, that’s 0,1%. On the other hand the help race to develop. That’s a scientific fact.

And what does corona do more? Because the death rates we all see about corona, contient the normal death too.

Italy, one of the worst affected countries, did a scientific count of cases.

More then 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities where people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authorities.

So if WordPress doesn’t not like the truth, that’s your problem. I will not gonna stop and tell lies.

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