What in the world is happening

A virus, better, a known virus, one we dealt with in the last 10 years.

A normal death toll is about 250.000 to 500.000 people to die in one year of flu.

Corona had only a mere 100.000 dead.

France announced a lockdown till may 11. And after that?

In Belgium, the non exciting country where i live, the payement for not following the rules of corona is 250€. And all the rules but social distancing are against our constitution.

Is politics gone crazy, with the help from the media. They are a good couple, first it was the non proven climate change-manmade global warming. And now this.

Is there a connection? Could be, politicians are not very friendly to the people. So in this lockdown everything the greens wanted is reality. And we know that the earth is in a cooling period, and from 2020 on, we are going to feel it.

So, the lockdown is made to make everybody believe that climate change is real. And it’s not, cooling is normal. It’s cooling since 1998.

Is this a game politicians play?

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