So, climate change…


According to the rage in the UN by a sick and abused child it is.

Thousands of scientists are coming out of their labs, classrooms and universities to stand up against ipcc lies.

In Europe, the EU made the economic situation as bad as possible in believing what the ipcc models predict. They are almost alone in this busy world where third world countries are going for the big one, solve hunger and stop poverty on loving CO2. Not only do they not believe in the ipcc foolishness, they profit from the greening of the country.

The real green new deal thanks to CO2.

The two most stupid governments in believing the ipcc fraude; the Netherlands and Germany, saw today the first really big protest against manmade climate change. Farmers are protesting with their big heavy machines. And when farmers protest, even the police force is out of sight.

Thank you guys. šŸšœšŸšœšŸšœšŸšœšŸšœšŸšœšŸšœšŸšœ

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