So there is an almost worldwide lockdown. And it has as good as nothing to do with a corona virus but it’s all about fear.

Fear of a disease that can kill everyone on this planet. It’s even more strange that the human body has survived all viruses in the whole of its existence. Without the help of Bill Gates. How is that even possible?

But the lockdown is all about fear, spreading it everywhere, people who become more and more afraid and hoping for a rescue, a rescuer.

And then comes the virologists with there companies on how to make vaccines, with a little help from a friend, well known to the WHO, but not the band…

And they are going to safe the planet, by putting a needle in everyone’s willingly arm. … If you believe in fairytales, then you must believe in this fear.

No vaccination can ever help to prevent a virus to multiply. A virus is a clever living piece of RNA, longing for another living body. And a virus changes every year so vaccines don’t help. So vaccination is all about money.

And fear is all about worldwide regulation to make a special vaccine that includes a special chip, made by a special mad man who knows everything about mad and bad computers and dreaming of world domination.

And so, just for the fun of fear, nothing less, people let themselves all get chipped. And they lived unhappy in slavery ever after.

By arQiRIeK

organic arQiteKt
vegan cook

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